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    VOLUME 1 ● NUMBER 1 ● 2010

    “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad
    L’Association Française de Psychologie Politique
    Romanian Association of Political Ecology

    Lavinia Betea             Alexandre Dorna


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    Using psycho-semantic methods in political psychology
    Victor Petrenko
    Olga Mitina

    Role of agency in social representations of history
    János László
    Réka Ferenczhalmy
    Katalin Szalai

    Knowledge production and transfer: A case of soviet influence on chinese psychology
    Jian Guan

    Technology, Psychology, and Man-Made Crises: On the evolution of non-violence in human history
    Akop P. Nazaretyan

    Relations between oral tradition and social representations studies
    Eugenia Coelho Paredes

    Mondialisation, immigration et les nouvelles dynamiques identitaires
    Simona Bealcovschi

    Fashion and modernity – correlative phenomena
    Alina Duduciuc

    Taiwanese consciousness vs. Chinese consciousness: The national identity and the dilemma of polarizing society in Taiwan
    Li-Li Huang

    Status of political psychology in Ukraine
    I.O. Bondarevskaya
    M.G. Tkalych